Aug. 9th, 2012

jaunthie: (sidelit tulip)
Apparently very well indeed, judging by the reactions of my nephew J and niece C. My parents brought a bag of peas from my garden when they went down to visit. And oh, the carnage:

jack with peas
chloe with peas

(Pictures restricted to friends of the journal, for the privacy of the people in them. If you're not logged in to LJ as a friend, sorry.)

Mom snapped these photos and reported that both niece and nephew thought the peas were awesomely tasty treats. Hurrah!  Wish I could have been there to see the nomming myself.

The green beans are now going like gangbusters, and they're extremely tasty this year, too. I doubt the kids would like them as well as the peas, but [ profile] fisherbear and I certainly appreciate them.

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