Apr. 11th, 2013

jaunthie: (Here Comes Tribble)
My friend Andrew (and his lovely wife) have a website. Every so often Andrew will find and post about things that are inherently absurd/terrifying/WTF, such as Food Frights and really what-were-they-thinking? merchandising.

Well, Andrew, in the spirit of your infamous Oreo Barbie post, let me introduce you to...

Mexico Barbie! Complete with a miniature pet Chihuahua and a passport to record Mexico Barbie's travels. Note: while all of the Barbie "Dolls of the World" line come with passports, none of the other ones specifically note that the passport is to help record her travels. Because, y'know, papers are extra important when you're Mexico Barbie. *facepalm* Edited to add: oh, my mistake: Chile Barbie also has that little note about recording her travels. I'm sensing a theme. *double facepalm*

Yeah, you read that right. Choking yet?

(Apparently TPTB over at Mattel learned nothing from the Oreo incident. Surprise.)

And if that isn't enough to make you queasy, let me introduce you to her cousin:

Twilight Vampire Barbie! Complete with glowing red eyes and undead skin!

I now return you to your regularly-scheduled day, which hopefully contains much less absurdity.
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