Apr. 7th, 2017

jaunthie: (Seamask)
Way, way back in the dark ages of time, what was then LiveJournal offered up a one-time opportunity to purchase a permanent account. I took them up on the offer.

Fast-forward to today, when the company that was LiveJournal was bought up by the Russians, moved all the servers to Russia, and just now changed the user agreement.

Is my account still permanent? Well, if I post every six months or so, maybe.

Is LJ permanent? ...that's rather a thornier question. Plus there's the whole agreeement-only-binding-in-Russian thing and a whole host of other issues.

So I'm going to back this journal up to Dreamwidth, just in case. It's not like I'm doing a ton of blogging these days, but I'd hate to lose what I have, or have my content subject to rules and laws I can't read, much less understand.

Stay tuned.
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