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Summer is here, and summer is flying by at something approximating hypersonic speeds. It seems like March was just yesterday, and yet here we are in August.

Garden news:
  • Once again it's been a bumper crop year for peas. However, this year, for the very first time EVER, I'm having a bit of trouble with pests. A few of the peas have had teensy-tiny little catapillars (or equivalent) that have chewed their way inside the pods. Anyone have any idea what these might be, and what non-chemical biological controls might prevent them in the future?
  • The beans are coming along nicely. I've had just a few harvests so far, but it looks like they too will be bumper-crop in just a week or so. However, the yard-long beans died (first planting), and the second bunch are just sitting there as small sproutlings instead of long vines. I think they want more heat than we've had this year (up until just recently).
  • The cuke plants got mostly crowded out by the peas, but are finally showing some signs of productivity. Of course, the lemon cuke looks like it will produce exactly one cuke before yellowing out and dying. *sigh*
  • The pumpkin plants are vining out nicely. Still too early to tell if I'm going to get any pumpkins, though.
  • Onions are actually producing onions. Who knew?
  • The brussel sprout experiment proceeds apace. The plants are looking healthy, but I have yet to see any sign of actual sprout-stalks.
  • The chinese cabbage bolted immediately, before any heads of any size could grow. Seriously. They had like five leaves, and then whoosh! Flower stalk.
  • I had to call in a professional tree-trimming service to whack back the rose bushes (and the laurel by the chimney, and the mock orange, and a few other things). The roses were up into the power lines (that's about 30 feet up). Things look much tidier now.
  • I still have far too many weeds, and at least two of the beds need to be totally restructured.
  • The poppies were epic this year. The sunflowers are meh so far. The cosmos is starting to bloom, but I don't have nearly as many cosmos plants as I had hoped. The dahlias I planted in a fit of wild optimism...well, I'm seeing plants, and at least one has a bud. Fingers crossed!
  • I want to put yet another bed in on the side lawn. Maybe two. Never mind that I can't keep up with the beds I already have.
  • I need to spread compost on all of the beds this fall. I'm thinking that it will take at least a yard, maybe two. Chances of me getting this done? ...Let me get back to you on that.
  • More of my lily plants failed to come back (and at least one was stolen and/or ripped out during various yardwork), but those that are still here are blooming like mad.
  • My lemon verbena came back, which is a good thing, as I had zero luck buying any this spring.
  • Nasturtiums continue to rock my world.
  • Still no broccoli on the broccoli plants.
  • Celery blossoms are apparently the Disneyland of the local pollinator scene. We've had so many different types visiting the blossoms, I've given up any pretense of letting the celery do anything but go to seed. On the up side, celery seed should be ready to harvest later in the fall.
Family news:
  • Grandma J needed a trip to the hospital last week, but is doing remarkably better now that she's no longer so anemic.
  • Sister L is about to become a homeowner. She wants me to plant lavender all around her patio. :-)
  • Brother G and family are doing well, but won't make it up here this summer. I sent down peas for Nephew J with Mom and Dad, who are visiting. Wish I could manage to get down there myself, but not going to happen this summer.
  • Summer Wedding #1 was lovely, and [livejournal.com profile] fisherbear and I had a great time even though we needed to leave relatively early in the evening. S and G looked radiantly happy.
  • Summer Wedding #2 is approaching rapidly. Fisherbear and I need to get off the stick and get everything into place.
  • Fisherbear is having a summer filled with bees and other projects.

Work news:
  • Busy as usual.
  • Reorg. Still not sure what the consequence(s) will be.
  • ...not much else I can say about it.
Writing news:
  • Working on second draft of 10k story. Conundrum: first-person present or to not first-person present?
  • Continuing to work on getting an actual website set up - sporadically, in between all the other stuff.
  • Have several projects on various burners, none of which are front-burnered at the moment.
  • Still need to get to work on solicits.

And that's the August report. How's the summer treating you?
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