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As some of you might know already, Will has been studying bees for a long time now. Last year he discovered a colony of rare bumblebees, the Western Bumblebee, and evidence that the species might be spontaneously recovering. He did a ton of work over the fall, winter, and spring, coordinated with the USDA, USGS, the Xerces Society, and a whole bunch of other folks. Now he and a team of volunteers are trying to put together a series of research trips to try and find out what's going on, including whether what's changed might help other species of bee recover.

But the campaign still needs funds. So if you're in the mood to donate, here's the link to the Indiegogo campaign. If you'd like to read up more about this first, the Seattle Times did a really nice write-up here.

Spread the word! Help make this happen!
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